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Pre marital and Marriage Enrichment Sessions


                                      Not only am I committed to getting you married, I am committed to helping you STAY married. It is important to me that couples maintain a strong, healthy and happy marriage.  Counseling allows couples to identify potential problems that could show up and encourages open honest conversations about issues such as: finances, beliefs and values, roles in marraige, conflict management, sex and intimacy, decision making, desire to have children and much more.  I utilize the highly regarded SYMBIS ( Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts ) assessment tool as the guideline for my counseling. For more information on this program visit the SYMBIS website at All sessions are completely CONFIDENTIAL and can be done virtually  ( Skype, Google Hangout, Facetime, Facebook live ) or in person.  


               Pre marital ​: $35 assessment and $125 per one hour session

 Marriage Enrichment​: $35 assessment and $125.00 per one hour session 

Let’s  save your marriage before it starts -OR- enhance your existing one-

schedule a session today! Click SYMBIS below to schedule an appointment. 

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