Bridal Coaching

My goal as a bridal coach is to help you, the bride, manage stress, maintain your power, peace of mind, and overall self-care before, and on, your wedding day. I am your motivator, confidant, mentor, liaison, a voice of reason, partner in conflict resolution, and so much more. Every bride is different. Therefore the “blueprint” on how I serve you relies on your individual circumstances and specific needs. Maybe all you need is one or two, 90-minute phone calls, or perhaps, mentorship throughout the course of your engagement, or on your wedding day only. In either case, I am 100 percent committed to making your journey to the altar, memorable, magical, and most importantly, stress-free!

My services include, but are not limited to:


  • Podcasts/conference calls with my team of specialists in areas of pre marital counseling, health and wellness, wedding planning and more

  • Emails, downloads and other relevant materials delivered to your inbox

  • Implementation of my 10 stress management strategies

  • Creating a “Bliss Board”

  • Writing letters of Forgiveness, Apology, Reconciliation, etc.

  • Prayer/meditation partner

  • Assistance writing/practicing wedding vows

  • Coach / client “dates”(lunch, spa, yoga,movie night, etc)

  • Stress relief kit delivery (over 3 sessions)

Wedding Day Stress Management

I work exclusively with the world's best hotels, resorts, country clubs, and wedding industry professionals to provide an unforgettable "on-site" experience for couples getting married.


My goal is to ensure clients experience unprecedented care and tranquility in the hours leading up to their ceremony.


The following services are offered, but not limited to:


  • Warm greeting and introduction upon couple's arrival.

  • Ensuring the couple eats a healthy breakfast/ lunch and snacks throughout the day, maintain proper hydration.

  • Relaxation exercises ( guided imagery, breathing, meditation, affirmations).

  • Ensuring the release of "happy" endorphins with gentle exercises such as short scenic walks, yoga, etc. and utilization of hotel pool, fitness center, spa).

  • Managing intrusive phone calls, texts, etc.

  • Assistance practicing wedding vows.

  • Filling in the "gaps" as needed.


I would like to talk to you in greater detail on how together we can create an amazing experience for couples on one of the most important days of their lives.


Call for pricing: 216-410-5478


What is "Letter Therapy"?

 Letter therapy uses the art of letter writing to identify and address toxic issues, people, and relationships that evoke negative, counterproductive feelings and behavior towards self and others. It is a powerful tool in strengthening relationships and adding value to your personal, professional and love life.

This is especially beneficial to soon to be brides in order to eliminate any emotional baggage or strongholds that may be a hindrance to marriage



If you are not a bride, but this resonates with you, this is definitely for you as well.


  • Letter Therapy sessions can be facilitated over the phone or in person.

  • We work with individuals, organizations, schools, outreach programs and more.

  • Group sessions are available.

  • Check out the list of clients we have worked with:



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Bridal coaching packages available:



Brides who book this package have the following:


  • Access to me 24/7

  • Will travel out of state

  • Will work one on one with a client after the sign of contract until the day of the wedding.

  • I only accept one Platinum client at  time to provide the best service

  • Call for consultation.

    Call for pricing: 216-410-5478



Brides who book this package will have:

  • Six 90-minue sessions

  • $1,450

  • save $200



Brides who book this package will have:


  • One 90-minue session

  • $275

Letter Therapy
  • $97



Brides who book this package will have:


  • Three 90-minue sessions

  • $750

  • save $75

Honeymoon and VIP Travel


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Appointments: Cleveland, OH 44146   |  216-410-5478

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